McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail

Some extra Lovin' given to this car by Contributor(s).

WIPERS !!!!!!
Tweaks to the lights, textures, LODs, exhaust shake and  higher res' text labels.

NEW: Hands on wheel, shifting anim off.(better off than to have a bad one) Seat model.


Fixed the hole, contributors added cameras and dust.

Please use only the Dirt cars, see 'Dirty Dirty Bird' below.


 Six layout version.

Full circuit & reverse, Club A, Club B, and circa 1995 & reverse.

Small texture fix and holes filled.

New: Cameras, grass and lighting FX added by contributors.

Oran Park

North, South and Full layouts, physics mesh optimisations and config, but no cameras.

Lakeside Park

Added VAO.


With Club and National layouts.


Backported changes from various sources.

Ferrari 330 GTO

Big Brother to the 250 GTO.

Reversed middle mirror and made collider more collision friendly.

Aerodrome Piestany

That's a rather outdated map.

Warwick Farm

Now with contributors' added VAO, config and cameras

Le Mans 1985

Another conversion that has been languishing on my hard disk for nearly three years.
Being so old, it probably could do with some extra lovin'.
Contributor's updates for TVcam and grass config.

F1 1966 Sampler

Along with the Lotus 33 already released, an Eagle, Brabham and McLaren win join this carset.

Links will follow after my League has run a season in them, also acting to iron out the bugs.

Brabham BT20 Repco 620 3.0 V8
Eagle Mk1 Climax FPF 2.7 I4
Lotus 33 Climax FWMV 2.0 V8
Mclaren M2B Ford 406 3.0 V8

Helsinki Thunder 1996

Converted this awhile ago but forgot to upload it. Let me know if anything is borked.

Ferrari F333 SP

LODs were missing wheels and transparency on the Headlights.

Aston Martin DBR9

Rain screen, wipers and some very amateur cockpit AO

Bugatti Type 51A

Remapped the mirror and corrected in game name.

Bentley 4½ Litre Blower

Wheels were missing shadows.

Chaparral 2E

Small tweaks, redid how the wing works and added corrected shifting behaviour.

Lotus 33 Two Litre stop gap for 1966

Changed tyre mesh, removed limiter, misc.

Laguna Seca Historic

Thanks to contributors, backported some better textures and cameras.

Panoz GTR 1

Small updates to the cockpit, mirror position and default setup.

AI gear choice should be a little better.

Toyota GT-One TS020

Fixed Windscreen material. With rain but no wipers, yet.
Fixed several things mentioned in the comments.

NASCAR circa 1990

Animated the rear suspension.

Rather embarrassingly the physics on this thing sucked.
So I've redone them, now much less fucked.

Try using 100% restrictor for the whole field on the Super Speedways

Small tidy up, gauge lights fixed.

Ferrari F50 GT

Poor old Ferrari threw their toys out of the pram again! so this car never raced.

------------------------------------------ They don't like it up 'em ------------------------------------------

WORK IN PROGRESS gallery, so no download links despite what it says just below this.
When ready each car will appear in its own post and disappear from here.
No timetable at all so not even I know when that will be.


Hypocrisy is an easy target, and that is what these encrypted modders are committing. None of the so called respect they are demanding was shown to the original game devs, who do have the power to sue you, and here they are crying into their soup that someone ripped their work!
Chill out, leave everything open and backport any changes to your own work. I could go on and on and on and on, and that is what has happened for the 20+ years of end user modifications.
What ever reputation you or I gain will be gone in ten or so years..................................................and on and on........

IP = Imaginary Property

(And I am not saying I am not a hypocrite myself.)

Alfa Romeo 8C - 35

Older brother of the 12C gets the same updates.

Version 20200527

Alfa Romeo 12C - 36

Animated suspension, and minor tweaks.

Version 20200527

Ferrari 312 T8

Each front wheel now pivots on its own axis.

Lotus 88B

Reduced tyre grip a tad.

Lupin III

1931 SSKL as driven by Lupin III et al

BMW 635 CSi Group A

Small update.

That queue I keep mentioning.

I've owned AC for just over 1300 days and in that time I have tinkered with 262 cars and 70 tracks, meaning a new project every four days!!!!

No fucking wonder I never finish anything.

Torque is meaningless

Same car:

150 Torques
600 Torques

Flame on!

48 Hours of April Fools

In Australia, April Fools finishes at 12 noon, any one pulling a prank after this time is the Fool.

Sports Sedans

Real and made up Silhouette cars.

Holden FX    (JUDD)
Mini              (JUDD)
Lefoe Hillman Imp  (Boss 302)
Volksrolet                 (SBC)
Chev Corvair          (SBC)
Valiant Charger Repco  (Repco 308)
Porsche 911 Camel Turbo  (2.1T)

Killer B'ees

Strange beast that the Kunos Audi Sport Quatrro E2 is on tarmac tyres, here is a companion car.
I managed to keep within the specs of the Lancia and BOP it with the Kunos Audi.

Lancia Delta S4

Bonus UI folder for the Kunos Audi so the spec' format matches.

Inter War

Use a Black and White Post Processing filter as they didn't have colour back then.

Grand Prix 3 litre

Grand Prix 750 kg

Voiturette 1.5 litre

Formula Libre
  • Alfa Romeo Tipo B Monoposto 'P3'
  • Alfa Romeo 8C 2600 'Monza" a shortened version of the Spider
  • Mercedes SSK 27/240/300 & Lupin III 
  • And don't forget the Voisin C6 'Laboratoire' & Bugatti Type 32

Le Mans circa 1930

Spa-Francorchamps Pre-War (Faux Layout)

Bremgarten Pre-War




Sitges Terramar

Autodrome de Linas Montlhery

Monza Pre-War (Faux Layout)


Hockenheim Pre-War


Parco Sempione