Monza Faux Pre-War


NEW: Extra atmosphere added by contributors.



 Seven layout version.

Full circuit & reverse, Club A, Club B, and circa 1995 & reverse, and Rally Cross.

New: Cameras, grass and lighting FX added by contributors.
NEW: Trees fixed. Club A tweaked, better AI?
NEW: Added RX layout

NEW: Physics mesh and fixes

Mercedes CLK LM


NEW: Fixed mirrors' LOD, body collider, misc and visible engine bay.

FOLDER NAME CHANGE: Pls delete previous version.


Ligier JS3-S5000


Better known as just S5000.

FIA F3 (nee GP3) spec chassis, low downforce and 560 bhp from a Coyote 5.2l V8

NEW: Setup changed to reflect real series, misc tweaks.

NEW: Tyre heating, AI fuel cons, misc tweks.

NEW: Tyre warmers set to Room temperature.

NEW: Spec' weight and gears (+Bathurst ratio)

NEW: Incremental changes


Coppa Giulia

A certain beloved track reimagined in time and space to the Mediterranean circa 1930s,

Even if the underlined above proved to be insufficiently transformative to qualify under the 'fair use' doctrine, the work is in essence and intent just that. Please consider it as such.


Nissan R382


Pre season testing.

 Turning and Braking active rear wing.

NEW: Fixed texture error.

Porsche 904/8 Carrera GTS



Nissan R380A-II


Not Finished


Bentley 4½ Litre Blower

Wheels were missing shadows.

Added a wingless version.

Tour Modifieds


Forgot I had this one!

NEW: Default setup & added Yaw Drag


Hickory Motor Speedway

High resolution road mesh.
Vertical collison walls.
AI line.


Australian Wingless Sprintcar


V6 Holden Engine

NEW: AI forced to choose their own tyres allowing them to get as sideways as the player.
Working so far. YMMV


Super Late Model


Third time Lucky, found and fixed the wayward .ini file ( innie not 'eye en eye' )

This time for sure.


Tyrrell P34 2 of

 Two versions of the Six wheeler.

All four wheels turn on their own axis, in game and graphically only.



Le Mans 1985

Another conversion that has been languishing on my hard disk for nearly three years.
Being so old, it probably could do with some extra lovin'.
Contributor's updates for TVcam and grass config. 
Backported lights config and models.
NEW:Extra Lovin' has been received, many changes to lods, optimising materials, textures, and shadows.
Rain FX added and Hotlap.
NEW: Finish line moved for driver swap compatibility.
New AI Pitline and reversed the Sun's path!

NEW: to match new Start line.

Formula JEDI


ToDo: LODs, belts and bugs.


Mygale Formula (Ford) F1600

Honda 1500cc engine.


NEW: Tyre heating tweaks.


NEW: Revised front end Geo, odds 'n' sods

NEW:Split into two versions, both competitive with the respective Van Diemen versions.

Mercedes-Benz T80 Rekordwagen

 Horrible, horrible model. Only works if you turn it up LOUD!


And a special track you will need to get it up to full speed.

Special Route VMax   25 kilometres, dead straight!


Williams FW15C CVT


Working CVT, ignore the actual RPM as it goes to 100,000.

Thanks to CSP's [AUDIO_PARAMETER_TRANSFORM] the sound is now pretty damn close.

You will need to have a recent version of CSP for the sound to work. YMMV

AI sometimes shits itself, suggest not to race against a whole field of these. YMMV


King Cobra Cooper Type 61 Monaco


ToDo: LODs & Bugs


Lola T70 Mk. 1


Mk. 1 but with the Mk. 2 nose as the other Mod based on the Mk. 2 seems to have the Mk. 1 nose!

ToDo: LODs & Bugs of which there could be a few as I rushed this one.


Chaparral 2J


NEW: Incremental updates.

Light Car Company Rocket 2007

NEW: Incremental updates
 NEW: Animated Headlights, collider, etc
Sequential stick is Forward for up, Backwards for Down, the opposite of most vehicles today.
Use CM to assign a new controls profile.


Van Diemen Formula Ford

Mazda(Ford) duratec engine

NEW: Tyre heating tweaks.

NEW:Split into two versions, both competitive with the respective Mygale versions.

NEW: throttle.lut
NEW: Default setup was hitting the ground when braking.
NEW: Tyre normals (still can't manage to get them just right)
NEW: Reduced default Brake Power. Added Brake heating.
Restored missing Brake Power adjustment and added Engine Braking to Setup.
Slowed down the steering ratio.
NEW: Glossy tyres toned down, shifting anim added(not perfect)
NEW: Bunch of stuff that was missed in QC, such as V7 tyres, DOH!

Morgan Three Wheeler


Nearly back where I started in AC, when I got the AI to work.

NEW: Fixed transparency. Engine has no Rev limiter but added Valve bounce so it doesn't grenade.

Bits and bobs updated.

NEW: Adjusted steer lock and ratio to respect graphical limits,
also preventing the physic from turning inside out, going over centre, at full lock.


Torque is meaningless

Same car:

NEW: Used CM/CSP to make the audio the same.

Otherwise identical cars, but one has four times as much torque, Motherfuckers.
Don't try to tell me there is anything more than trivial differences between driving and laptimes in each car.

Flame on!

Porsche 961


NEW: I needed more than one hand to count the gears properly, six instead of five.


SRX Paved Spec

NEW: Incremental improvements.

SRX Dirt Spec

NEW: Incremental improvements.
NEW: Glass delete
NEW: AI better but still so so. YMMV
 AI needs some work.


Lancia LC2

I keep going on and off the boil with these. Perpetual Beta and all.



 NEW: Screwed up the previous updates, TW all good now.

NEW: CSP config, cameras VAO.

NEW: Added missing Hotlap spawn points.


Maserati Tipo 61 V8 Ford

New: Quick update with two contributor's skins.

It only came in the above livery.

Carroll Shelby drove Chassis 61-2467 in 1960. Sold on, it was later equipped with a 289 Ford V8 for use in '63 and '64


Indy Roadsters


Repackaged to have only the one car with three skin based configurations, Kutis, Watson, and Kuzma.

Minor changes to materials, textures, models, and somewhat refined physics.


Oswego Paved and Clay


NEW: Somewhat better AI lines for Clay version.

Not Quite sure I have finished this yet.

Formula Vee

NEW: small bug fix

NEW:Tidy meshes, seatbelt, revised front end, and other bits.
NEW: Halved the suspension frequency, any oversteer should now be recoverable.
Twin trailing arm front is another way to spell 'bumpsteer'.

NEW: New throttle.lut file to fix some users high idle. Please note you can adjust this in setup, under 'electronics', 'Engine Brake'.
Pushrod suspension. 'Zero Roll' monoshock rear. 1600cc

Lotus 40


Described famously by Richie Ginther as a Lotus 30 with ten more problems.

This version's a lot closer to its performance potential and a shit tonne more reliable.



NEW: Incremental improvements.
NEW: Incremental improvements.
NEW: Incremental improvements.

Please bear in mind that alot of the converted Kart tracks are simply too rough as they lack a physics mesh for the road.


Shifter Kart


NEW: Incremental improvements.

NEW: Incremental improvements.
NEW: Improved Physics (I hope)

Has zero suspension travel but required a 'hack' to get the front end geometry to jack the rear up whilst cornering. Can not swear as to how similar it may be to the real thing, better, worse, or indifferent to other Karts in this or other sims.
Best suited to longer wider kart tracks or short road courses.

Small Fix: Missing Ground Collider

Superkart 250cc

NEW: Incremental improvements.

NEW: Incremental improvements.
NEW: Incremental improvements.

Adjusted drag, 240 km/hr now possible.
Triangulated the rear suspension to further lock out any travel. Any millimetre wobble left from the physics engine could be considered as chassis flex.
Small Fix: Missing Ground Collider 

Dori Kart Prototype

 As seen on Youtube.

Original Mod found here.

Nylon rear tyres for as seen on Youtube behaviour.

Slick tyres transforms it into a 'Rental Kart'

Honda GX390


Missing Content

An over zealous Bot seems to have deleted some of my posts.

Hayabusa Kart



Okayama Karting

I had to chop up the original track to fit the Kart layouts properly, so this release is stand alone and includes both the main course layouts as well.


Mendig Fast Lap

 Speak German? Happen to watch auto motor und sport on Youtube?

Then see if you can't beat Christian Menzel's laptimes.


Mercedes-Benz ‘Blue Wonder’ Race Transporter

NEW: Missing rims and reverse gear

 Over one million polygons of fun?

HQ Racing

Napier Railton

NEW: Nothing but Apologies to all VR users, the Napier Railton will need a custom Driver animation done, but at the moment I haven't saved up enough patience to tackle that just yet.

Updated: Logos, and lods.ini for making previews for the two configurations